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Reno Audio School by the Reno Recording Connection

The Reno, Nevada Recording Connection Audio School Advantage

1) We're Located In Reno, and Almost Everywhere Else.

You shouldn't have to relocate and get lost in a big "music town" to become an audio engineer, especially when there's so much happening near where you live. That’s why the Recording Connection has opened so many locations—hundreds of them, on three continents. We want to be there to help anyone who wants to get into the industry.

The other guys don't come close. Advantage: Recording Connection.

2) Our Reno Tuition Is Affordable.

The Recording Connection tuition is always kept at rock bottom prices. We always make sure to keep our tuition low so that anyone can attend.

The other guys not only cost more, they have lots of add-on charges. Advantage: Recording Connection.

3) A Recording Studio Will Be Your New Classroom.

You’ll be learning your craft and studying in a professional recording studio. That’s right: you’ll never be in a classroom. You’ll be in a place of business.

Advantage: Recording Connection.

4) Learn From a Mentor.

As an apprentice (extern) in the studio, you’ll be working and learning while being taught by a mentor who has been engineering and producing for some of the biggest names in the industry for years. You’ll be picking up tricks that people don’t usually figure out until a decade into the business.

With us, you are always number one. Advantage: Recording Connection.

5) Our Mentors Are Awesome.

YWhen we say our mentors have worked with the biggest names in the business, we mean you'll be learning from people who have worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, 50 Cent and hundreds of others. You’ll be making connections and relationships with people inside the industry.

Their teachers listen to the Gold Records our teachers produce. Advantage: Recording Connection.

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6) We'll Help You Find a Job.

You’ll be working towards gaining a job. We’re here to help you. Our Stay Connected Job Assistance Program is set up to assist you in getting a job after you graduate.

The other guys give you a cold-call lead list when you graduate. Advantage: Recording Connection.

7) Learn In the Classroom of the Future.

You’ll be attending the audio engineering school that almost every working audio industry professional recommends. You’ll be on the cutting edge.

You can count the number of pros who recommend the other guys on one hand. Advantage: Recording Connection.

8) Your Ultimate Goal: Become an Insider.

Your ultimate goal is to make sure that you have enough contacts so that you can jumpstart your career. Due to the fact that you’ll be literally an insider, this process will be easier for you.

The other guys are on the outside, looking in. Advantage: Recording Connection.

9) Free Tutoring.

You’ll be working at a fast-paced recording studio. If you fall behind on your studies, don’t worry. We’ve got tutors that will help you out.

Unlimited free tutoring. Advantage: Recording Connection.

10) Connections.

You’ll be working towards jumpstarting your career the entire time you’re in our audio engineering school. You’ll be making connections and relationships so that you’ll be able to have a career past Reno. You can move wherever you want, and you’ll be able to work as an engineer or producer.

Real world music industry connections. Big Advantage: Recording Connection.

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Looking for a great Reno Audio Engineering School? Look no further than the RECORDING CONNECTION, the only school that gets you working inside an actual Reno recording studio as an audio student apprentice (extern), learning directly from the pros as you study audio engineering, mixing, music production, live audio, electronic music-and its many sub-genres (dub step, trance, drum and bass, techno and more), club DJ and post production audio. In Reno, Nevada, the smartest way to launch a career in audio is by apprenticing inside one of Reno’s recording studios. That’s where we come in.

You could spend upwards of 50 thousand dollars to go to a conventional audio engineering trade school, or you could spend a fraction of that amount and go to audio engineering school in a real recording studio. The choice is clear! Be smart, learn from the pros, and get connected as you get educated. Our audio recording school alternative is the smartest, most cost efficient program available.

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Reno, Nevada is located on the western edge of the state near the California border, home to around 200,000 people. Perhaps best known as a smaller, quieter version of Las Vegas, Reno has an active music scene, with local and touring acts regularly making appearances in a variety of venues.  While the music scene in Reno is diverse, with genres ranging from folk to synth-pop to hip-hop, Reno has gained a reputation for its own brand of punk called Skeeno, spearheaded by bands such as 7 Seconds.

Numerous live venues and recording studios make their home in Reno to accommodate the ongoing musical activity here. If you are considering a career in audio as a recording engineer, live audio engineer or music producer, Reno holds plenty of opportunity for you to learn.

With our many professional connections and relationships forged over the years, the RECORDING CONNECTION is in a unique position to help fulfill your dreams of a career in the recording industry. Our secret is our mentor-apprentice (extern) approach, in which we pair you with a working industry professional who trains you one-on-one during real recording projects, getting you close to the action in ways unmatched by other audio engineering schools. Most of our graduates–over 70% of them, in fact–go on to permanent industry positions, usually through the connections they made while going through our program.  You could be next! Enroll in our Reno Audio Engineering School today, and let us get you started.

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Reno Recording Connection Audio Engineering Program
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Our unique Reno Audio Engineering, Music Producing and Sound Technician programs train you inside a real recording studio, 2-7 times per week, around your busy schedule. You will learn audio under the direct, one-on-one supervision of a professional engineer or producer.