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Miami Audio School by the Miami Recording Connection

The Miami, Florida Recording Connection Audio School Advantage

1) More Locations Than You Can Imagine.

The Recording Connection has audio mixing and music production school locations all over the world. We also have convenient locations scattered throughout the U.S. In Florida, we have Miami, Jacksonville, Ft Myers and Panama City, just to name a few.

The other guys don't come close. Advantage: Recording Connection.

2) Our Low Tuition Keeps You Out of Debt.

Many students that we talk to are skittish about attending higher education due to rapidly increasing tuition costs. Well, that needn’t be a concern when investigating the Recording Connection in Miami. We keep our tuition affordable for just that reason.

The other guys not only cost more, they have lots of add-on charges. Advantage: Recording Connection.

3) Learn In a Real Recording Studio.

There are no classrooms in our program; there are only real recording studios. You’ll learn everything about the business of recording and music production while working in a real studio. Yes, that is correct. We put you in a real studio where you’ll be working and learning the ropes.

Advantage: Recording Connection.

4) Learn One-on-One.

We pair you with a mentor who knows exactly how to achieve your goals, because he or she has lived them. We pair you with someone who is doing exactly what you’re attempting to do, and that person teaches you one-on-one.

With us, you are always number one. Advantage: Recording Connection.

5) Gold Records.

Our mentors are the best. We don’t settle for anything less. We’re proud of our program, and we want our students to get the best training from our mentors. The only way to ensure quality on both fronts is to hire mentors that are amazing. So that’s what we do. Suffice it to say that Gold and Platinum Records are common in our mentors' studios.

Their teachers listen to the Gold Records our teachers produce. Advantage: Recording Connection.

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6) Actual Job Placement Assistance.

Unlike other schools, our job placement assistance is not mere lip service. Our program offers a job placement service for any students who are not immediately hired after graduation. We do so for an entire year. We’re dedicated to your success.

The other guys give you a cold-call lead list when you graduate. Advantage: Recording Connection.

7) Thousands of Professional Endorsements.

We are awesome. Pros know it. That’s why they always talk about us. They recommend us because we do school the way they would do it if they had a school. The pros in this industry know the best way to learn this business is to apprentice (extern) on-the-job—and that's exactly how our program is structured.

You can count the number of pros who recommend the other guys on one hand. Advantage: Recording Connection.

8) You Start Out on the Inside.

Our program lets you skip the step of "banging on the doors," because we put you inside the industry at the jump. From the very beginning of our program, you’ll be working in a real studio, and you’ll be picking up the insider's modus operandi. This is something that can’t be taught. It has to be instinctively picked up.

The other guys are on the outside, looking in. Advantage: Recording Connection.

9) Free Tutoring.

We have a free tutoring service. You’re welcome to try it if any of your assignments are giving you even minor issues.

Unlimited free tutoring. Advantage: Recording Connection.

10) Connections.

You can't advance in this business without connections, and you can't make those connections in a classroom. With our on-the-job apprenticeship (externship), you’ll be making connections left and right. You’ll be learning everything about the industry and about your craft. You’ll be proving yourself to the pros, and making the connections that will one day make your career.

Real world music industry connections. Big Advantage: Recording Connection.

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While there are several Miami Recording Schools from which to choose, there is only one that gets you working inside an actual Miami recording studio as an audio student apprentice (extern), working with the pros while you learn mixing, audio engineering, music production, live audio, electronic music-and its many sub-genres (trip hop, techno, house, trance and more), electronic DJ and post production audio. The smartest way to break into the recording industry in Miami, FL is to start inside a Miami recording studio as an apprentice–and that’s where the RECORDING CONNECTION comes in.

Don’t make the mistake of spending 20-50 thousand dollars to learn the recording arts in a college or recording trade school, when for a fraction of that amount you can go to recording school in a real recording studio. Be smart, get on the inside track, and make vital industry contacts while learning in a real-world environment. Hands down, our recording school is the smartest, most cost efficient program on the market today.

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While Miami, Florida is largely known for its gorgeous beaches and ocean views that draw vacationers from around the globe, it is also home to a very solid and influential music scene.  While a diversity of genres is represented, Miami’s largest contribution to the musical climate is in various forms of dance music, nurtured in part by Latin and Caribbean ethnic influences. Miami was a hotspot for disco in the 1970s, spurred on by local acts K.C. and the Sunshine Band and Gordon MacRae, then later by the Cuban rhythms of Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine. (U.K. band The BeeGees also migrated here.) Hip-hop, freestyle, reggae, electro and Miami Bass all have roots here, as well as modern rock forms like ska, punk and metal, and even indie and folk. Other well-known musicians and acts with ties to Miami include Ricky Martin, Flo-Rida, Jon Secada, Expose, Cat Power, and Deborah Harry of Blondie, just to name a few.

Miami’s highly active music scene includes plenty of live venues and recording studios, providing plenty of opportunities for aspiring audio engineers and music producers. If you long for a career in one of these areas, Miami is an excellent choice for you–and the RECORDING CONNECTION can get you close to the action in ways other recording schools can’t match.

The secret to our success is our mentor-apprentice (extern) approach.  Instead of placing you in a sterile classroom environment, we pair you with a real working audio professional who becomes your personal instructor, who provides you one-on-one training during real recording projects.  Along the way, you’ll make important industry connections that can lead to future work. In fact, over 70 percent of our graduates go on to permanent industry-related positions. Enroll in our innovative Miami RECORDING SCHOOL today, and let us get you on the path to your dreams.

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To APPLY click here.

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