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Study any of the
following audio courses
with us in and around Greenville-Spartanburg

Study as an apprentice and train for audio careers inside a real recording studio.

Audio Engineering

Ableton Electronic Music

Music Producing

Hip Hop

Audio Certification

Live DJ

Live Sound

Learn from Legends

Logic Electronic Music

Post Production

Music Business

Advanced Audio

Pro Tools™


Logic Pro

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Learn 1 On 1
Right Here in Greenville-Spartanburg

Many of the legendary producers
in Greenville-Spartanburg endorse our school. Are you ready?

Top Recording Engineers, Famous Music Producers, Heavyweight Industry Figures

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Learn in Greenville-Spartanburg
Recording Studios
As an Apprentice

Your behind the scenes, on the inside, all access pass to the music industry begins here in the very recording studios where the music you listen to was made.

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Recording Connection
Audio School
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Watch how we teach audio through our mentor apprentice method of education. Learn who you will learn professional recording techniques from, where our courses are taught, what professional audio engineers and music producers think about our programs and more.


Your Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina
Recording School Alternative


If you’re looking for a Greenville-Spartanburg Music School where you can learn audio engineering and music production, your search is over! We’re the RECORDING CONNECTION, the only music school that hooks you up as an audio student apprentice (extern) inside an actual Greenville-Spartanburg recording studio, working alongside the pros as you learn music production, audio engineering, mixing, live audio, electronic music-and its many sub-genres (trip hop, techno, house, trance and more), club DJ and post production audio. There’s no better way to get started in a career in audio in the Greenville-Spartanburg area than to apprentice (extern) in one of the area’s recording studios.  We’re the ones who can make that happen for you.

You could make the mistake of spending 20-50 thousand dollars to go to a music engineering trade school somewhere, or you could spend a fraction of that amount by going to music school in a real recording studio in the Greenville-Spartanburg area. The choice is clear!  Get on the inside track, and get your education in a real-world environment. Our music recording school alternative is the smartest, most cost efficient program on the market today.

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The cities of Greenville and Spartanburg are located about 30 miles apart in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northwestern South Carolina.  While not an area many people associate with the music industry, this region actually has a fairly active music scene, with local and touring bands and artists regularly performing in live music venues throughout the area, in genres that include rock, country, jazz and hip-hop. A number of prominent musicians and bands have had ties to the Greenville-Spartanburg area, including R&B artist Peabo Bryson, country star Aaron Tippin, southern rockers Marshall Tucker Band, and American Idol contestant Chris Sligh.

A number of recording studios make their home in the Greenville-Spartanburg area to accommodate the ongoing needs of the music community. Whether your interest is in live audio, recording, production or mixing, the Greenville-Spartanburg area holds plenty of learning opportunities for you.

EastWest Studios

Muse, Justin Bieber, Mad Men (AMC), Justin Timberlake

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We get our students jobs.


Of Our Graduates Get

Jobs in the Music Business

Our outstanding job placement rate is no accident. We are able to achieve this high mark because our graduates have trained inside a working recording studio—this gives our students excellent hands-on skills, real-world job experience, and the industry connections and references that just aren’t available on a school campus. Additionally, we have a very pro-active Stay Connected Job Assistance Program that serves as our graduates’ advocate in the job market for up to a year after course completion. When we say we’re connected with the music business, we mean it.

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Carmen Rizzo

Paul Oakenfold, DJ Tiesto, Dido, Coldplay, Seal, Alanis Morissette

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The Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina Recording Connection Audio School Advantage


We've Got Locations Everywhere.

The Recording Connection truly has a global reach, with hundreds of locations across three continents. There's no need to move away from Greenville or Spartanburg, South Carolina to go to audio engineering school. Your gateway to the music industry is right here!

The other guys don't come close. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Keep Out of Debt With Low Tuition.

The Recording Connection tuition is kept purposely at an affordable level. Nobody likes schools that basically force their students to take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans. With our program, you won't have to.

The other guys not only cost more, they have lots of add-on charges. Advantage: Recording Connection.


On-the-Job Training.

With our unique program, your classroom will be a Greenville or Spartanburg area recording studio. You'll be learning while you work in the industry, learning on your feet, so to speak.

Advantage: Recording Connection.



As a working apprentice (extern) in the Recording Connection, you'll be paired with a mentor who is responsible for teaching you all the technical aspects of recording, engineering and producing. All training happens one-on-one.

With us, you are always number one. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Award Winning.

Recording Connection mentors have a long list of credentials. They've worked with hundreds of your favorite bands and artists and have won many awards for their work.

Their teachers listen to the Gold Records our teachers produce. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Finding Work: Not a Problem.

You'll be eligible for our job placement assistance program once you've graduated. This will help you find work if you're not immediately hired.

The other guys give you a cold-call lead list when you graduate. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Endorsed By Many Industry Pros.

You'll be working with a school that has recommendations from the likes of Russell Simons and Bryan Adams, along with thousands of others. You're on a winning team with the Recording Connection.

You can count the number of pros who recommend the other guys on one hand. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Get Inside and Stay There.

You'll be working from the inside from day one. That is to say, you'll be gaming the system. You'll ostensibly be interviewing for a job the entire time you work in the studio. This makes your chances of getting hired on permanently very high.

The other guys are on the outside, looking in. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Free Tutoring.

Need help with an assignment or a project? The Recording Connection offers free tutoring to all our students who want or need it.

Unlimited free tutoring. Advantage: Recording Connection.



You'll be working with people who know people. You'll be proving your worth as an employee. You'll be proving your name and your work ethic. Even if one of your direct supervisors doesn't hire you, you'll still be able to use them as a contact for more work. That's how this industry works. Contacts, contacts, contacts.

Real world music industry connections. Big Advantage: Recording Connection.

Greenville-Spartanburg Recording Connection Audio Engineering Program
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Our unique Greenville-Spartanburg Audio Engineering, Music Producing and Sound Technician programs train you inside a real recording studio, 2-7 times per week, around your busy schedule. You will learn audio under the direct, one-on-one supervision of a professional engineer or producer.