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Recording and Production Studios in the U.S.A.

Acoustic Chambers: one-half hour from the heart of Seattle, Tacoma, the Eastside, and the Sea-Tac Airport; known as the Songwriters Studio because they develop an intense relationship with their bands and clients to take the talents of performers, songwriters, producers and the audio community to the next level

AL-Tech Records: a professional recording company with studios in Connecticut, USA. They specialize in recording demos, masters, editing, post production and more

Always Live Recording: provides studio quality recordings whether you are playing in a bar, school auditorium, garage, outdoors, basement, or anywhere else there is music happening. New Paltz, NY

Anomaly Studio: a professional digital audio/midi studio located in Newark, NJ. They work with all styles of popular music and keep their prices low, but work with a limited amount of artists per month

Applegate Audio Visual: top quality audio recording at reasonable rates, from hard-disk recording and video editing to mastering and CD-R duplication. Located in Indianapolis, IN

ARS Studios: located in the Chicago suburb of Alsip, Illinois, they have become known as a highly reliable source for clients seeking uncompromising service at reasonable rates for 17 years. Analog/multi format digital recording, mastering, duplication and restoration

Asheville Recording Studios: provides pro quality recording and mastering that is inexpensive enough for everyone. Site also includes local music scene information

Astoria Soundworks: a full-service pro recording and rehearsal facility offering the best in customer service, quality and equipment. Great block rates and monthly specials

Audio Excellence Recording: provides full recording services, including mobile recording, for all types of clients with extensive experience in full band recordings, voice overs and commercial jingles

Audiogram Electronic Music: a project studio that specializes in quality synthesized orchestral music for television, film, and stage productions. They do scoring and music publishing and add sweetening tracks to outside projects, as well as location recording of small ensembles, lectures, and seminars

Bear Jams Studios: located in Long Beach, CA; services include jingles, voice-overs, production, engineering, automated mastering (via masterlink), keyboard and drum programming, songwriting/arranging, duplications (CD, DAT, cassette), complete demo packages, MIDI Files, MIDI Notation

Big Bang Audio: tracking, mixing, mastering, duplication; pro tools 24, 48 tracks digital, yamaha digital consoles, custom built mic pres, nice selection of mics. Best value for dollar

Bleed Street Recording Studio: tracking, mixing, mastering, duplication; pro tools 24, 48 tracks digital, yamaha digital consoles, custom built mic pres, nice selection of mics. Best value for dollar

Chaton Studios: a state of the art recording facility that offers all standard recording capabilities as well as production for Enhanced CD's containing music videos, web site layouts and other interactive applications. Emmy Award winning writer/ producer/ engineer/ and studio owner Otto D'Agnolo is available to speak with you about your next project

Cipher Audio Recordings: located in Hackensack, NJ (20 min from NYC) Cipher is home of the Unlimited studio time deals. Offers 64 tracks Pro-Tools, Cubase SX, 24 tracks analog and ADAT. Rehearse, recording, overdubs, mixing, mastering, remixing, media transfers, voice-overs, commercials, CD duplication, post production, demos and lots more!

City Sound Productions, NYC: providing professional recording services for music and post production in a personalized facility. Owned by Bob Kirschner, producer/engineer with over fifteen years of experience. Featuring Pro Tools Mix Plus, Otari MTR-90II analog 24 track, ADAT and DA88, and an extensive MIDI/keyboard setup

Clear Gravy Productions: A new studio owned by a professional, certified, recording engineer/musician/producer, offering great deals on services you might not otherwise be able to afford.

The Complex: founded in 1979, has a long history of supplying superior audio for the entertainment community. Originally designed by George Massenburg and architect Jack Edwards, with the band Earth, Wind & Fire, Columbia Records, and other partners, The Complex was created for audio production without compromise

Crystal Clear Recording: a full-service digital and analog studio in Philadelphia, PA

Dangerous Music: A state of the art recording studio in New York

Delta Sound: mastering labs in West Memphis, Arkansas. The site offers some good tips about recording techniques and gear

Desert Moon Recording a studio in Anaheim, CA, providing tracking and mixing for albums and demos (with engineer or producer/engineer), mixing for video, digital mastering and editing, duplication, studio musician referrals and more

Digital Audio Resources: an site recording company specializing in marching bands, drum and bugle corps. Services include recording, editing, mixing, mastering and CD graphic design

Doc Holiday's Power Plants: three major, state-of-the-art recording and video studios in Hampton, Virginia. Associated with Mega International and Tug Boat Records — the I. C. M. A. and I. C. M. O. Independent Record label of the year 1993 – 1999

DogHouse: a full-service audio recording and production facility located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

EastCraft Demo Recording Facility: song writers new song and demo recording facility. EastCraft offers the songwriter the ablity to have their songs professionally, completed and recorded at very low cost

E-Man Music Inc.: a company designed to meet any demand regarding music and audio production, specializing in music composition/post scoring, sound design, voice-overs, radio/TV commercials, corporate and CD-ROMs

Epicenter Music: a music production company based in Los Angeles that is today's freshest source for dope rap, slammin' dance, and cutting edge soundtrack music. Their production team is available for original tracks or remix projects

Fame Music Enterprises: World-reknowned for creating the "Muscle Shoals Sound," Fame has worked with everyone from Aretha Franklin to ZZ Hill

Fast Trax: a 40-track professional studio located in sunny Virginia Beach, VA, equipped with state-of-the-art gear. Specializing in band demos, CD projects, voice-overs, commercial production, graphic design, and more. They host five (5) separate ISO booths, allowing much more productivity

Fast Traxx: located in Fresno, CA, they are a commercial recording studio for bands, jingle's etc. Equipment includes Pro Tools Mix Plus, Adats, DA-7 console

FC Sound: located in Rochester, NY, and specializing in live sound reinforcement and live-to-two-track recording

Festival Studios: successfully serving the Gulf Coast region for over 10 years. Projects range from music to the spoken word including styles from rock, blues, jazz, metal, rap, contemporary folk and gospel music

Horizon Music Group: has recorded hundreds of artist ranging from SWV (double platinum), to Eddie Milton King (Handy Award), to RuPaul, (of VH-1 fame), to Matt "Guitar" Murphy (for Blues Bros. 2000). They also provide artist developement and production though Vic Steffens Productions for CT based artists like Mighty Purple, Mokijam, Anne Marie Menta and many more

 In Fidelity Recordings: state-of-the-art recording facility, offering ProTools recording in a creative atmosphere that caters to the artist. Services include production, programming/looping, session musicians, CD duplication/replication, graphic design/artwork, mastering, and promotional services. North Hollywood, CA

International-Sound Studios: a totally inclusive recording studios, where it's about "Art," the universal language

Inversion Studio: a complete electronic music and digital recording studio

Jam Room Studio: professional recording studio with affordable rates and 3 engineers, also offers mastering and CD duplication in Columbia, SC

Jambox Entertainment: a full-featured recording studio in midtown Manhattan with services including recording, video and editing, wedding CDs, voiceovers/demos and more

Jeree Records: a professional recording studio in New Brighton, PA, offering recording, mastering, song copyrights and other services

Junction Recording Studio: Nashville studio with analog or digital, affordable full-service packages, CDs, videos, graphics, photos, music business consulting, and Web design, all in-house

King Productions Recording Studio: audio editing, voice-overs, singers, audio transfer of old records/tapes Garden Grove, California

KMH Recording Studio: southern Maryland's most affordable recording studio

Landshark Music Services: a 32-track recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee, featuring the Yamaha O2R digital console, adat and hard disk, tube gear and mastering

Laughing Dog Studios: a talented staff of engineers, producers, and programmers in Staten Island provide a professional and creative environment for music and audio post; with rates that won't devour your budget

Little Ditty: Internet music merchants specializing in premiere independent Canadian music of all genres. CD's, tapes and CD-quality downloads. Hosting and Liquid Audio encoding, Web site and graphics design are among their artists' services

LnL Recording: a digital multi-track recording studio located in Elgin, Illinois, focusing on high quality audio recordings for aspiring musicians, songwriters, bands, karaoke singers and DJ's

The Loft Recording Studios: in beautiful, quiet little town of Bronxville, NY, offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, sunlit control rooms, and a deep creative history including Top 10 singles and platinum albums

Lonely Island Studio: a project studio nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains near the south San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in composing, recording, and mastering music for film, video, and video games. Are you a home or project studio owner? Check out their free Session Logs which will show you professional sound recording tips and tricks


Music Machine Studio: a 40-track facility in Hackensack, NJ offering many diverse services to the music community including tracking, mixing, mastering, CD pre-mastering, digital editing and composition

Mythmaker Studios: a family-owned audio/video recording studio geared toward helping new artists achieve their goals. Located in historical Corydon, IN

Nightsky Studios: a 1500 square foot professional recording facility located in Waldorf, MD, specializing in all aspects of recording and mastering

Nomad Music Studio: record or master your next project at our fully-equipped 24-bit ProTools mastering facility in Daphne with all of your favorite plug-ins

Pacific Soundcraft: offers a catalog of its own recordings of live musical performances in the San Francisco Bay Area, and also provides mobile audio recording, mastering, and MP3 encoding services for musical groups performing in the area

Panda Productions: a studio which has been providing high-end audio services for over 10 years; offering 24-track analog, 32-track digital, digital editing, mastering and production

The Playground: the recording/mastering studio of producer/engineer Keith Cleversley, whose credits include Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Posies, Verve, Hum, Space Team Electra and many more artists

Play It Again Demos: serving songwriters, lyricists, musicians, poets and music publishers, with high quality, reasonably priced full band music demos since 1991

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