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Labels, Radio Shows and Band/Artist Showcases

Artek Recordings: classical music, including violin, piano, orchestras and more


Artists Without Labels
: utilizes the Internet to connect artists and fans directly by creating for its artists a new and vibrant Web presence that showcases its music, photos, info and more


Blue Country News: a weekly radio program, heard here, that's broadcast live from Queensland, Australia every Tuesday night at 10 pm (local time)


Cathedral Stone Music Publishing: original music by Mike Braithwaite, providing songs to the music industry as an artist, and to other musicians, groups, artists and record companies


Clou Records: main artist is Murat Ses, a keyboard player and composer with strong eurasian electronic elements. A growing number of newer artists such as Nereid's Dance and Vulture Corp are attracting audiences worldwide


Denlo Productions
: a recording label and publisher looking for new unsigned rap/hiphop and country artists


The End Records

The End Records: a heavy metal record label. We have signed bands from around the globe and offer the best of the current metal genre


FIA Record Corporation and Software Services: labels include FIA Gospel Records and Def System Seven Records; software division's newest release of FIA's Song and Artists Tracking System is a must have for the songwriter/producer/project studio owner


Go Kustom RekordsGo-Kustom Rekords: record labels and online music distribution


Guitarapalooza: a collection of instrumental rock guitar players a label showcasing underground hip-hop


Independent Music Biz: resources to expose new talent as well as educate indie musicians about various aspects of the music business


Joe Anthony Productions: indie label in College Place, WA, with a 50-track digital recording studio; currently promoting cumbia, ranchera, doo-wop, tejano, country, balada, spanglish, rock n' roll and other styles


Large Orange Music: promoting select new artists and groups, while providing secure online sales of their CDs, related merchandise, and pro audio services showcases the music of Austin, Texas, the live music capital of the world


Music Sojourn: music radio where the emphasis is on music. Hosted programs and streams in many genres and formats. striving to promote the St. Louis music scene (including the clubs, music stores, fans and general music community), and specifically helping bands network, promote their music and find venues/clubs to present their music


Nashville Records: a full-service company dedicated to talented artists and songwriters looking to break into the music industry or just get published for their own fulfillment in a select market


NXN (Nowhere x Nowhere): a band festival in April at Chico, CA. It is a way to meet like-minded people and develop grassroots relationships for booking and future projects, while still being seen by the suits



Picklehead Music: bringing you the best in funny, acoustic, and variety music
: infectious indie music on the Web


Rio Grande Mud: helping to expose the masses to the great Texas music scene. They currently have links to over 800 Texas artists' Web pages, a streaming Texas radio station with automated request handling, news, concert calendar, and much more


Shut Eye Records: based in Atlanta, GA, they are an independent, artist-operated label that is focused on the college radio set. They have released music from over 200 bands/artists from all over the world, including pop, roots-rock, acoustic, emo, electronica and many more styles


SPACEMUSIC.COM: space for your mind, music for your soul


Storm Dog Records: independent label and recording studio in Nashville, TN, specializing in alternative rock and country


SVP Productions: recording and distributing Compact Discs by established as well as up-and-coming talent based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
: a complete online catalog focused on the Tejano music genre with links to Texas music news and events, a Webcast and secure online ordering


Thundercomm Records: we strive to bring you, the public, the finest in signed and unsigned talent


Tru Playaz Cartel: a new exciting record company looking for talent!


United Global Artistst: promoting indie artists worldwide with a comprehensive database and resources like music news, promotion, marketing and more






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