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Is Audio Engineering In Demand As a Career?


Perhaps you’re considering a music industry career, and asking yourself the question: is audio engineering in demand as a career choice? With all the upheaval that has taken place in the music industry in the past few years, between illegal downloading and the increase of home recording, is audio engineering a career worth pursuing right now?

Certainly this is a question worth asking. After all, you don’t want to land yourself in a dead-end career if you can avoid it. With all the changes taking place in the music industry right now, as the industry tries to find its feet in this new digital age, it’s understandable to be a bit cautious and not jump into a career that is possibly destined to become irrelevant.

So what about it? Is audio engineering in demand?

Ultimately, despite the upheaval and uncertainty, the answer is yes—audio engineers are still in demand. If you want to be an audio engineer, music producer or sound designer, there are still plenty of opportunities available. Here are a few important reasons why.


It is true that in days past, recording studios were the only places where musicians could go to find quality recording equipment, and it is true that digital technology is changing some aspects of that. As technology becomes cheaper, and as indie musicians and record labels alike keep looking for ways to cut costs, it’s understandable that more recording is being done in home studios these days. However, having the technology and knowing how to use it effectively are two different things. As an audio engineer, your equipment is not what is in demand: your skills are in demand. Indie musicians and label artists are still calling on audio engineers for help, because even with all the technology available, they can’t make it sound like you can.


While the music industry is struggling with the loss of income over illegal downloads, there is still a demand for music, and that isn’t likely to change. As long as the public demands music recordings, there will be a demand for audio engineers to produce it for them—and that means you will have plenty to do.


Because of “Reason Two,” the music market will eventually adapt to new circumstances and ways of doing things, and the same holds true of audio engineering. Smart people adapt. If you become the very best audio engineer you can be, you can create and increase your own demand—especially if you find a way to specialize in a niche service that few people provide.

So…is audio engineering in demand as a career? For the right people, it certainly is.

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