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I Want to Be a Hip Hop Star


Many children grow up dreaming of becoming a hip-hop star when they grow up. Many children saw Nas or Tupac on television and decided, "I want to be a hip-hop star." Well, this task is very difficult, but with the right strategies anyone can do it.


There is an influx of people trying to become hip-hop stars. Many who grew up watching the greats of hip-hop on television have grown up themselves and decided that they want the same future, they love the music enough to become a part of the hip-hop scene. 


Well, few rappers and artists go to college to study music but it can be helpful. Attending a technical school and learning the art of music production or sound engineering can greatly help you in your future career as a hip-hop artist. Most hip-hop artists produce their own music, and while some are just naturally talented, most had to take the time out and learn. All musicians should take classes in music or music theory, to make sure their music turns out to be the best it can be.


Besides going to school, budding hip-hop stars must perform on the indie circuit. All budding musicians now also have to have a website that they can promote where people can listen to your music or even download it. Performing at underground clubs and bars is another good way to get known in the industry and tell the world "I want to be a hip-hop star!" Before anyone famous can hear you or listen to your demo, you must have some type of fan base, even if small, and some type of buzz. Nothing can help you here, you must learn to self-promote, otherwise, use internships and job placement help that your school or college is offering you.


The next step to becoming a huge name in the industry is scoring a recording contract with a major music label. You can send your demo out to companies whom you have researched and know would take an interest in your music. You can send your music to current hip-hop artists and producers, like Dr. Dre and Jay-Z, but a response from most will be rare.


When you send in your demo, keep in mind that is has to be an original piece of music and it has to sound unique in some way. Eminem, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne all have a brand new sound, which is what explains their success in the industry.


Most families and friends do not take it seriously when someone close to them decides that I want to be a hip-hop star, but getting a name for yourself in the industry is not hard. As long as you have talent and ambition, reaching that goal can be much simpler than you think.

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