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How Much Do Music Studios Cost to Use?


If you are in a band or looking to put together then next big hit as a solo artist, you might have found yourself wondering how much music studios cost for you to use them. The entire process breaks down into how much time you need to record your music and how that time will cost you in terms of monetary distribution. After all, you cannot just stand in a sound room and record an album from start to finish in the hour or so that the album will last when it is played. You will have to do numerous takes and re-record specific portions of songs, as well as working on separate parts individually so they can be layered together later. You will also need a studio engineer to work with you as you record your album or songs.

All of these things add up as hours reach into the hundreds while you work on your music. Most studio albums will take about 90 to 150 hours to record. This can, however, go up into the 300 hour range for especially complicated or conceptual albums. This may not seem like much at first, but this should be weighed against how much music studios cost to use. Typically, a decent studio will cost around $100 per hour to use, though this price can be higher in places like California and New York. So if your album takes 100 hours to record from start to finish, you are looking at $10,000 just for using the space and equipment. You will also need to pay a freelance recording engineer, and a good engineer will usually charge around $200 per song or $2000 for a full album. Though this rate can certainly vary, you should be ready to pay at least that much if you are working with someone well qualified to work in the studio. Finally, you must not forget to have your album or songs mastered for full use and potential duplication, and this process usually costs $100 per song or $500 for a full album.

As you can see, the expenses of recording music in a studio are fairly high, likely reaching around $13,000 for the full process. This is, of course, why musicians look to be signed to a label which then fronts the money for the recording sessions so that you would not have to worry about it up front. There is, however, another option. With the advent of modern technology and the computer equipment and software now available for home use, you can put together a fairly decent home studio for a fraction of the cost. This will, of course, require that you learn to use the gear and be your own engineer, but it is a cheaper alternative which will afford you more creative control and allow you to avoid how much music studios cost.

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