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The Best Way to Learn How to Produce Music

November 18, 2011

Do you dream of working with the biggest acts in the world on their next chart-topping album? Then you are probably familiar with the plethora of music schools that promise a great education and job assistance…for the low, low price of tens of thousands of dollars. The best way to learn to produce music is not by sitting in a classroom and listening to lectures – it's getting invaluable hands-on experience that you will immediately use once you are out of school.

Traditional four-year college degrees used to be all you needed to get any job. Today, you need a Bachelor's just to bring people coffee. The world has changed and a Bachelor's degree no longer gets you in the door. That is because colleges have become notorious for charging dubious amounts of money (tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars!) and delivering the minimal amount of practical education and training.

Why spend massive amounts of money and waste at least four years of your life for an education that is not sufficient to prepare you for work opportunities or helping you find a job? The best way to learn to produce music is not found inside of a classroom where you compete with dozens of students for even a glimpse of hands-on training in the school's make-shift, outdated studio. The path to landing your first music job is not a piece of paper that says you showed up.

That is where the Recording Connection mentor-apprentice program comes in. Forget the crowded classrooms, the unnecessary classrooms, and spending excessive sums of money while wasting your precious time. At the Recording Connection, your classroom is a real music production studio and your instructor is a music professional with more than a decade in the industry – your own personal mentor.

Here you will train using the latest technology, tools, and software while working on real production projects alongside your mentor. That's right, you will actually be working in the studio while training in a completely one-on-one environment with a longtime pro.

Not only will you receive world-class training, you will have opportunities you would only get if you were working in a real recording studio (which you are). There are many professional connections to be made – impress your mentor and the folks around the studio and you have just built the foundation for your own professional network that can help you find paying work for years into the future.

The best way to learn to produce music is also the best way to land a job right out of school – the Recording Connection provides every student with a full year of job assistance training at absolutely no additional cost!

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