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Sign up now for a personal tour of a real recording studio in your city and meet a professional music producer or audio engineer who will be your private teacher.

This is your first step to becoming a beat maker, DJ, rapper, electronic composer, audio engineer, or music producer.


  1. We offer you the opportunity to train with a famous professional for a career as a Hip Hop Producer, Beat Maker, Electronic Music Composer, DJ, Live Sound, Audio Engineer, Music Producer for Rock & Roll, Country Music, Pop, R&B and any genre of Electronic Music.
  2. We are the school that doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg. We work hard to keep your tuition low so you can spend your extra money on building your studio and your business as a producer.
  3. With us, you get a head start on getting hired. (After all, isn’t that the primary reason you want to go to school?) Not only does our mentor/apprentice (extern) method of education put you inside a commercial recording studio so you can observe first-hand how the business is run, you also get the opportunity to work on your mentor’s projects for that necessary work experience that is vital to getting hired. Additionally, because you are apprenticing (externing) inside a studio, you will come into contact with bands, agents, managers and other music industry figures and have the opportunity to turn them into future clients or employers.
  4. With us, you make music. Your After all, isn’t that one of the reasons you are here? We train you on the technical side so you can get right down to making your music or recording the music you want to bring to the world.
  5. We are the school that trains you one-on-one instead of a crowded classroom. This means you actually get to touch the gear, and ask all the questions you want, all on your schedule. With us, you learn audio and music production privately from a legendary pro in the business. Yes, you read that right: you’ll be learning in a class of one.
  6. With the Recording Connection, your classroom is a real-life Recording Studio. Why go to some overpriced college and attend class on a campus where you get to share a lab studio with your classmates, when you can learn inside a real studio where industry people drop by on a regular basis?
  7. Your best chance of getting employed is to be an apprentice (extern) inside a studio. Firstly, there’s a pretty good chance your mentor, who owns or works in the studio in which you’re apprenticing, will hire you if you impress him—this happens with about 20% of our graduates. Secondly, if your mentor’s studio can’t hire you, they likely know someone who can—this happens with another 20% or so of our graduates. Another 35% of our graduates find work with the help of our Job Placement Program (included in your tuition and in effect for a full year after graduation) or through their own efforts.
  8. Learn Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic and Reason from the people who make the music you are listening to now. Our teachers have worked with the biggest names in hip-hop, rap, pop, rock, country and electronic music. If you don’t know the gear and the software, you’ll never get hired, let alone make the music inside you sound the way you want it to. We make sure you learn what you need.
  9. We are everywhere—in over 250 cities and towns across the United States. We will place you as an apprentice (extern) in your city, or in any city or town where you want to live and work.
  10. Free tutoring for any student or graduate. That’s right: we offer you the chance to get free personal tutoring whenever you need it.
  11. It’s pretty simple: if you want an extraordinary life making music, the best shortcut is to get your foot inside the door. The advantages of being on the inside are huge. At the Recording Connection, that’s just what we do. We are the school that trains you inside the door of a real recording studio where you learn by doing while you connect with people in the industry who can hire you.